Friday, December 30, 2005

My *cough* Christmas Dinner

Okay, so I’ve been out of town for a few days and I get back with 18 messages waiting for me. Boy, do I feel loved! We went to a friend’s house in Oxford, North Carolina (near Raleigh) the day after Christmas. Now, because we were going to be gone for a few days, we decided to postpone the annual Christmas dinner-baking extravaganza for tonight, the 30th. Instead, we pulled a Tim Allen and took the kids to Denny’s.



Did we learn nothing from The Santa Clause? I ask you! We ordered and waited…and waited…and (you get the picture.) Anyway, when the food came...(I must apologize to my vegetarian and vegan friends here. I am a carnivore and you may not like the following information)...When the food came, my plate had a steak, bread, and a baked potato. I asked if they would bring the rest of my meal: a salad and an order of fried shrimp. My husband was also missing his pancakes and the cheese in his omelette.

Time passed.

I decided to try my steak that was supposed to be medium-rare. I think it mooed at me. As soon as I cut into it, blood ran all over my plate, soaking the bread and potato. I told the waitress that I needed it cooked more. She took the entire plate.

Time passed.

I got my salad!

Time passed.

My steak was brought back cooked a tad more but they hadn't changed the plate and my lovely bread looked like a bloody sponge. My potato was about the same.

Still no shrimp.

I eat the steak even though it is still bleeding a bit and I pick at the parts of the potato that are not red.

Finally my shrimp arrives. I take a huge bite and...GAG! They aren't cooked in the inside! The slimy dough is not crisp through. By now, everyone else is finished. Even Dave has gotten his pancakes (but not his cheese) so I tell the waitress to take the raw shrimp off the tab. A whopping $3.50 is removed.

Important safety tip: Skip Denny's and eat toast or cold cereal.

Well, needless to say, tonight's dinner should be so much better.

BTW, my husband now has a blog because of my tag on him. So far, it is hilarious. Please go say hi!!! It is Stupid Human Tricks.



Bonnie Calhoun said...

Oh, honey....didn't you learn anything from the movie!!!

Heh, heh (insert maniacal laughter here) they'd have only brought ME one wrong thing!

Bonnie Calhoun said...

and yes...there are multiple Bonnie's in there aren't...yea there is...shutup all of you, go to sleep!

Jennifer said...

That is what you get for biting God's innocent creatures!!!!

Fred said...

Eww. Nothing worse than shrimp that's not cooked.

Happy New Year to you too, MC.

Dennie McDonald said...

Happy New Year M.C. -

we avoid restuarants - my youngest still likes to throw things. And yes, I sorta have control of him but I think he's gonna be a lawyer - you know throw it out there even when you know you not supposed to but it gets out there anyway... make sense?!?!

Trinity13 said...

Oh no, I usually like goin to Denny's...but you have scared me away!!! Yuck!

Btw, I def be checking out our hubby's blog! Can't wait to see his answers!

K W Pearson said...

I told you we shouldn't have gone to Denny's!

Running2Ks said...

Welcome back, my friend. LOL--I just saw The Santa Clause for the first time the other day. Denny's. SHEESH! That is hilarious!

Happy New Year!

Bonnie Calhoun said...

Uh...Mimi..."our husband's blog"???? never told me!! LOL

The Curmudgeon's Rant said...

Didn't randy Stonehill write a song "Christmas at Denny's again"?

You have to admit, Denny's is an ok place for toast.

Kimber said...

Happy New Year my blogging Hungarian!!!

New Year's Resoulution #1 - NO MORE DENNY'S for DINNER!!!


M. C. Pearson said...

Bonnie~ I love both of you Bonnie! LOL.

Jennifer~ This one definitely bit back!

Fred~ Mmmmm soggy shrimp.

Dennie~ yes, makes sense. Of course, I have no self control and tough it out with the kids in tow. I did manage to control myself and not throw anything at the waitress...Dave wanted to throw the tip at them...wait, he didn't leave a tip! LOL

Trinity13~ Thanks for checkin! Although I hadn't realized we were both married to him...just kidding. I understand typos. I live by them.

Keegan~ I don't say this often...yes, you were right.

Running2ks~ sorry for the carnivorous stuff...happy belated birthday my Vegan friend!

Curm~ toast is about the only thing...oh, and the salad was actually really good. Didn't Randy Stonehill also sing a song called, "Shut de do', keep outta Denny's"?

Kimber Hungarian~ Now that is a resolution I'll be able to keep!

Alydyn said...

GROSSSS M.C. ...just gross...: )
will stop by and check out your honey!

M. C. Pearson said...

Alydyn~ Yea. Real gross!