Sunday, November 27, 2005

Comes a Horseman

This month the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance is reviewing Robert Liparulo's thriller, Comes a Horseman.

I intended to read it before posting about it but have not yet received my copy. The publisher was supposed to send it already but it hasn't arrived. I do have next month's book and have read it...not that this helps you decide if you want to buy Comes a Horseman (Published by WestBow Press, November 2005 Hardcover 496 pages) or not.

Well, let me at least tell you what it is about. From the description given to me, I really want to read it...and will! It sounds a lot like Angels and Demons or The Da Vinci Code. (While waiting for this book to arrive, I am reading Angels and Demons. I had to see what all the fuss is about. If Comes a Horseman is anything like it, I'm sure to love it!) BTW, it has already been sold to Hollywood!

Okay, here is the short summary:
Reeling from a series of attempts on their lives, FBI agents Brady Moore and Alicia Wagner follow a trail of evidence that leads to a conspiracy a thousand years in the making. Finding clues in the dusty tomes of the Vatican's Secret Archives and the paintings of William Blake and Hieronymus Bosche, they plunge deep into a pit of evil ambition.

What others are saying:
"Frightening and fiendishly smart, Comes a Horseman is a must-read! Robert Liparulo's intense thrill ride will keep your nerves frayed and your lights on."
—David Morrell, best-selling author of Creepers and The Brotherhood of the Rose
"This debut novel by Robert Liparulo is one-of-a-kind and a thriller in the truest sense of the word."
—Focus on Fiction
"If you like thrillers that are spine chilling and just won't let go of the reader, this book is for you."
—Mysteries Galore
"Robert Liparulo's characters are unforgettable, and his villains are everything that bad guys should, and shouldn't, be. This is a book that you'll lose sleep over—during and after the reading."
—Book Reporter
"Not for the faint of heart, this is quality writing that deserves a lofty niche within the action/suspense genre. It is well-researched and meticulously detailed, and the characters are fascinating and 'real,' the dialogue clever and altogether human, the plot compelling. What I'm trying to say is, I love it!"
—Frank Peretti, author of Monster and This Present Darkness
"Robert Liparulo has crafted a diabolical thrill ride of a novel that makes the roller coaster at Magic Mountain seem like a speed bump. Part serial killer procedural, part global techno-thriller, part spiritual suspense epic, Comes a Horseman has enough plot twists and action to decode Da Vinci! Highly recommended!"
—Jay Bonansinga, author of Frozen, The Killer's Game, and The Sinking of the Eastland
"A riveting thriller that spins effortlessly off great writing and a demonic villain real enough to have you looking over your shoulder."
—David H. Dun, best-selling author of The Black Silent
"Comes a Horseman is an ambitious and original debut thriller by a fine new writer. Robert Liparulo deserves an audience, because he has something meaningful to say."
—C.J. Box, Anthony Award winning author of Out of Range
"Robert Liparulo is one of the best writers to hit the block in a long time. Comes a Horseman is brilliantly conceived and executed. It will leave readers desperately wanting more."
—Ted Dekker, author of the #1 best-selling Obsessed
"Prophecy and murder run roughshod through Comes a Horseman. From the mountain peaks of Colorado down to a labyrinth beneath Jerusalem, mystery and adventure abound in a read that will keep you up to the wee hours of the morning. Not to be missed!"
—James Rollins, New York Times best-selling author of Sandstorm and Map of Bones
"Robert Liparulo starts off with a bang and then lulls us momentarily with well-modeled and sympathetic characters before he drops these totally likeable characters into a series of harrowing confrontations. Some of the fights involving razor-edged weapons manage to be excruciatingly wince-inducing while remaining truly entertaining. This is what is meant by guilty fun."
—Larry Hama, writer, Marvel Comics' G.I. Joe and Wolverine
"This book has everything--murder, suspense, history, intrigue... Comes a Horseman grabs you and won't let go. It may be the most ambitious, most abundant first novel I've ever read. We'll be hearing from Robert Liparulo for a long time to come."
—Steve Hamilton, Edgar Award-Winning Author of Ice Run
"Comes a Horseman is stunningly brilliant. It's a story of epic conflict, despair, courage, and the power of faith and strength and endurance... In one book, Robert Liparulo has clearly proven himself to be one of the best writers of our generation. I will anxiously await his next work."
—James Byron Huggins, best-selling author of Wolf Story, The Reckoning, and Nightbringer
"High-octane action and devilish conspiracies worthy of The Da Vinci Code or
Left Behind. What's not to like?"
—Joseph R. Garber, author of Vertical Run and Whirlwind
"Robert Liparulo writes the kind of thriller other authors write in their dreams, and readers devour until the wee hours of the morning! Make way for a new master of the genre and a can't-put-down knockout with Comes a Horseman."
—Mark Andrew Olsen, author of The Assignment and co-author of Hadassah
"Comes a Horseman is a true page-turner, with wonderfully developed characters who have all-too-human strengths and weaknesses. The story is frighteningly real and insidious in a way that makes me hope our two FBI agents are really on the job. Robert Liparulo's writing is refreshingly well crafted. I hope there's a sequel!"
—Terri Lubaroff, Senior Vice President, Humble Journey Films
"Come a Horseman is chock-full of unbelievable excitement and credible research. My nails got shorter with each page--I could not put it down. This incredibly real-to-life thriller envelops the epic battle of good versus evil with a new depth. It is the thriller of all thrillers! I can't wait for the next book."
—Dwight Cenac, President, Welcome Home Care and HCMC Properties
"Robert Liparulo's book takes the reader across the globe in a riveting story of murder and Church intrigue. A quick, compelling read."
—W.H. Watford, Edgar-nominated author of Mortal Strain and Lethal Risk
"Fasten your seat belt; Comes a Horseman is a wild ride! With great skill and prophetic clarity, Robert Liparulo knows how to tell an exciting story and boost a reader's adrenaline level. You won't want to put this one down!"
—Angela Hunt, author of The Novelist and The Truth Teller
"Comes a Horseman has a powerful sense of doom hanging over it from the first pages on. Though the story is global, some of its best writing is surprisingly intimate: a boy and his father besieged in their house, two good people and one very bad one in a dark hotel room. There's some fresh role-reversal in the two leads. The sense of doom yields to a downhill, no brakes, runaway pace, an inevitable clash of complicated Good and uncomplicated Evil. Robert Liparulo knows more than you and I do about some dark corners of history. I appreciate his work."
—Dan Vining, author of The Quick
"Comes a Horseman is a stunning debut that puts Robert Liparulo solidly on the map of the suspense/crime genre. His tale of the Antichrist will sink its teeth into you and hold on until the end."
—Alison Strobel, author of Worlds Collide
"As a long-time Stephen King fan, I've finally found another author who can measure up--Robert Liparulo. Comes a Horseman is a taut blend of suspense with a splash of horror and all around edge-of-your-seat writing that kept me riveted."
—Colleen Coble, award-winning author of Black Sands
"Comes a Horseman grabs you from page one. The story has everything a fiction fan could want: an ancient conspiracy, a thrilling mystery, an everyman hero and a sinister villain-all crafted without a hint of cliche. Be warned: Your heart will race, your head will spin, your palms will sweat as you read this gruesome tale. Soon, everyone will know the name Robert Liparulo. I can't wait for his next book!"
—Robert Andrescik, editor of New Man magazine
"Comes a Horseman offers 'hold your breath' thrills at a breathless pace. Well-developed characters drive the suspense-filled plot."
—Aspiring Retail Magazine, July 2005

I will definately be reading this book! I love art, I love history, and I love God. Sounds like the book for me!!!

~Mimi Pearson (aka, the person's blog you are reading!)

Saturday, November 26, 2005

I Stumped Darth Vader!

Mmmwahahaha *evil maniacal laughter*
I stumped Darth Vader not once but TWICE! Ha ha! Okay, you are wondering what in the galaxy I'm talking about.

Here is the spot :
The Sith Sense
It is a twenty questions game for Darth Vader to read your mind.

I got comments like:
"Your mind reads like a children's novel." (How did he know that? Well, young adult fantasy novel, maybe!)
"You are strong, you'd make a good asset for the dark side." (Sorry Mr. Skywalker, but I'm taken by the Light.)
"You are more clever than you appear." (Thank God!)
And when he asked his last question, "Is it a Gibbon?" (What is a Gibbon? Anyone?) I said, "No." and he replied, "That is a load of Bantha fodder."

BTW, I was thinking of a fairie. (He did get close and asked if it was a Dwarf or a Gnome.) The other one I thought of was a plastic Barbie toy car. (All right, he did ask if it was a model car and I said no. If he asked if it was a toy car I would have said yes.) To be fair, he did figure out my Yeti and Sea Monster ones. It is a load of fun! Go take the test and tell me if you were led to the Dark side of the Force.

Friday, November 18, 2005

A Trekkie Christmas

The following is a post that I've written for Jean-Luc Picard's Christmas Party (see: Captain Picard's Blogspot.) The names mentioned are some of the other bloggers that will most likely write a post too.

Last week I received a strange invitation. I’m not really sure how it got here…first it wasn’t there and then it just materialized with a tinkling sound on my kitchen table. It looked really ‘state or the art’, all silvery and shiney. When I opened it up, I immediately dropped it back onto the table. Some kind of 3-D hologram emerged from the card. A debonair and noble looking man in a red and black leotard started talking with a British accent.

"M. C. Pearson of the 21st century, you are invited to a Christmas party on the Starship Enterprise. You may dress formally or allow us to fit you when you arrive. You will be transported tomorrow evening. Happy Holidays."

The miniature holo-man shrunk back into the card which in turn de-materialized from my table.

I went and checked my blood pressure.

I decided that I’d been watching too much TV and went to lie down. After a nap, I realized it had to be part of my dream and therefor removed it from my mind…or so I thought.

The next evening after taking a long soak in the tub, I dressed in my red and green flannel pajamas, stuffed my feet into my Garfield slippers and wrapped my wet hair in a towel…yes…I looked like a swami. Just as I went into the kitchen to pop some popcorn, I felt really dizzy. Looking at my hands, I saw yellow light in my skin! That weird tinkling sound came again but it seemed to be coming from inside my head. Before I knew it, I was standing on a funny looking disco-like deck with four leotard-clothed people smiling at me.

"Welcome to the Enterprise, Mimi," said an unshaven man in red and black. He turned and I heard him whisper to the female next to him. "I thought she was a Christian writer, not Hindu."

The gorgeous female nodded and then looked over at me and smiled. "Where did you get your outfit? It is stunning! Of course you will not be in need of our assistance. How festive you look. Ah, did you bring pets?" She pointed at my feet.

I just stared at her.

"Perhaps you would like to have some egg-nog? We’ve programmed our replicators for all the centuries and planets to produce traditional celebration items. If you’ll just follow me?" the bearded man said and started walking to a wall, which immediately slid open, revealing a corridor beyond.

I found my footing and trailed after the man. The dark-haired female turned to one of the other leotarded people and said, "Now, beam up Trinity13, another 21st century female." The door closed with a puffing sound and I jogged after the man.

We stepped into a tubular elevator and a second later arrived at a big metal door.

"The party is on Holodeck One. I must excuse myself to dress now. Since you are suitably attired, you may enter and enjoy." He pressed a button, pushed me through, and closed the…where did the door go?

I was in the middle of a huge ballroom that looked like the inside of the Titanic.

Another person appeared next to me. She, like me, looked rather out of place.

"I hope they have Vegan meals here…"

I shrugged. No idea what she meant.

"I’m Running2ks…are you from Earth?"

I stepped away in confusion. But soon a man with pointy ears walked up and said, "It is illogical for you to stuff your feet inside of cats." He turned to Running2ks and said, "I’m a Vulcan. Have we met?"

Running2ks said, "I’m a Vegan."

I walked to the food bar. I don’t know about Vegans, but I sure liked what I saw. Talk about a feast! As I stuffed my face (hey this is my fantasy—no repercussions, right?), the handsome man from the Christmas card came up and introduced himself.

"Happy Christmas. I am Jean-Luc Picard. Captain of the Enterprise."

I gulped the mouthful of food down and said, "I-I’m M. C. Pearson. You’re a captain? I was a sergeant in the Army."

"Ah, good to have a fellow soldier on board. Glad you could come."

He walked off before I could ask, "Did I have a choice?"

Another man sauntered up and oily said, "I’m Captain Berk. Your place or mine?"

"Er. I’m married. Bye." I ran away.

After a few blue drinks and a purple steaming one, I don’t recall the names of, I think I danced the Robot with a guy named Data. He was a bit strange. Yellow eyes. Then some really tall angry looking fellow (something about his face was odd…) introduced himself as Worf and handed me a smoking orange bowl of liquid.

I must have fainted then. A girl can only take so much ya know.

I awoke in my bed the next morning with a note pinned to my pajama top.

My head felt like a Starship had landed inside my temples.

Squinting I read:

"Take the two green pills in your right pocket. They will counteract the Clingon Firewater you seemed to enjoy. Thank you for the lovely dramatization of The Christmas Cats Swallowed my Toeses."

~ Dr. Beverly

Monday, November 14, 2005

A Funny Post

Okay, I read a really funny post a week or so back and have not been able to get it off my mind. It is from a fellow Christian Fiction Blog Alliance member.
Let me know how you liked it!

I still giggle just thinking about it. Here it is: Curm's funny post

Oh, and a special note to Bonnie:

Don't take a sip of coffee before reading it...we don't want another cleaning out the nose incident.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

My Knights in Shining Armor

Yep. They are adorable.

Not that I am biased in any way...*wink wink*

My little men were so happy to be real knights for Halloween. I actually made the shirts, scale and all. I am no seamstress but I think they turned out pretty good! All by hand, mind you...sewing machines like to bite me so I went for the more puritanical method. Anyway, they liked them even if the scale made them itch and the heat made them sweat.

Why is it that the entire week before Halloween we were freezing our nether-regions off but the day that my kids need to wear long sleeves (they also wore long sleeeves underneath the long sleeves to keep the itchy scale armor away from their delicate skin...double the pleasure) it turns out to be eighty degrees outside??? We ended up only doing the trick-or-treating downtown...they became stripping knights before, we stayed home, watched E.T. (our only Halloween movie), and gave out candy. Of course they fought over who got to answer the door first and give out the most candy. Still, they never pierced eachother with their, all turned out well.

After all was said and done, Keegan remarked, "Wow. I think we sweated as much as any knight in battle." I just smiled and answered, "Good thing your chainmail was made of sequens instead of metal. But you did well, Sir Knight."

Here is a verse to dwell on:

Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. Stand therefore, having girded your waist with truth, having put on the breastplate of righteousness, and having shod your feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace; above all, taking the shield of faith with which you will be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked one. And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.

Ephesians 6:11-17

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The Hostess Years: The Good Samaritan

Have you ever had an experience with a Good Samaritan? Maybe an angel in disguise?

I did.

It was 1976; I was nine years old. The family had just pulled up to our camping spot at Trinity National Park in California. Funny how a name could mean something more now than it did then...Not until this moment did I realize that I had written 'Trinity' without meaning the Godhead. Hmmm...Something to ponder. Anyway, my parents started setting up camp and I really wanted to go on a bike ride. None of my sisters wanted to take me and my parents would not allow me to go alone. Thinking back, this was a good thing. At the time it seemed utterly unfair.

Margie made a deal with me. If I would brush her hair for half an hour then she would take me for a ride. I know that seems a bit mean but really, she didn't want to go and I liked making funny hair-dos in her hair.

Although I was not allowed to go 'alone', my parents did think I was old enough for a three speed bike. It was huge. I looked like one of the seven dwarves (Dopey) trying to balance on the thing. This was before helmets and pads for the kids...I was so stupid that I actually wore my leather Mexican flip-flops instead of sensible tennis shoes (sneakers...Running shoes or whatever you say for those things.) The ride started off great. Fresh mountain air, insects buzzing about, and birds tweeting merrily in the pine trees.

We didn't figure on the gravel or the steepness of the road.

Talk about head over heals! I flipped over the handle bars when I errantly hit a large piece of gravel. Gravel and face don't mix. Neither do teeth and rocks. I smashed my head into the dirty rocky mix and slid a few feet. I don't remember much after that...I blurrily recall Margie screaming for help. Next thing I knew, an old man was carrying me. My face, shirt and feet covered in blood. I had one sandal on. The other one must have stayed with my teeth on the pavement. The man's wife helped Margie and our bikes back to the campsite.

I never found out the names of the couple but will always remember their kindness.

My face was a mess. I lost three permanent teeth on my bottom row and had somehow created a mouse-hole shape in my two front teeth. The teeth had exited my mouth through my upper lip which was dangling open. Sorry, I know. It wasn't a pretty picture.

The nearest hospital/doctor was an hour away. My sisters and mom tore down camp as my dad tried to wash me off and stop the bleeding.

I ended up with a bunch of stitches, some false teeth (they were my permanent ones that I lost), and a good patch up job on the mouse-hole. For a long time I kept my torn and bloody sandal; the only souvenir I had from the trip that wasn't attached or lost from my body.

I thank God that Margie was there.

I also have some hugs for those two souls that helped me when I was in need.