Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Waking Lazarus by T.L. Hines

T. L. HINES, the founder of the Christian
Fiction Blog Alliance
(now run by Bonnie Calhoun), has his debut novel, Waking Lazarus (Bethany House Publishers), coming out in July! As one of the book reviewers, I received an Advance Reading Copy.

First, let me tell you a bit about T. L. Hines:

Tony L. Hines has been a professional writer for more than 15 years, with articles appearing in publications as varied as Log Homes, Food & Wine, and Travel & Leisure. He is also Creative Director at Montana's largest advertising agency. Tony's long list of past odd jobs includes trimming Christmas trees, sorting seed potatoes, selling strawberries, and cleaning cadaver storage rooms. As a teen, he was undefeated in air guitar competitions (a record of 3-0), in which he performed songs by ZZ Top. He lives in Billings, Montana, with his wife and daughter.

Now, about Waking Lazarus:
How many ways can a person die? I've heard people say, 'It only takes one.' Well, Jude Allman has done it three ways and he keeps coming back for more.

This book is a Christian Mystery/Thriller. T.L. Hines sure made it nice and suspensefull. He keeps the reader guessing. The terror of death, child abduction, and psychological problems like paranoia and schizophrenia made me keep reading. But he also kept some levity and used the senses well.

It won't give anything away to tell you that one of my favorite things about this book was the sense of taste. Ever taste copper before? And smell: Ever smell a basement/root cellar with burlap and dirt?

T.L. had some great lines but my favorite was in this paragraph:

The guy who ran the polygraph machine (What would he be called? Polygraph Technician? Lie Detector Administrator?) sat at the end of the table. He looked something like Mr. Clean to Jude, mostly because of the bald head. Jude was about to take a lie detector test from Mr. Clean. There was a joke in there, somewhere, but Jude couldn't think of one; he was getting too nervous.
For some reason, that just cracked me up!

Be sure to get a copy of this book. It was quite a roller-coaster of a read!



Trinity13 said...

I'll have to look into it!

Rulan said...

Jude died 3 times? whoa, that alone has me intrigued.

The Curmudgeon's Rant said...

I loved how Tony added layers to Jude’s complex personality. I could feel him pulled in so many different directions.

One of my favorite scenes was when he ate spaghetti with his son and his mom and he thought to himself “A closed mouth gathers no foot”.

Wren said...

Great review, Mimi. I'm working on mine. Where'd you get the button? On Bonnie's site?

TL Hines said...

Oh, sure, I write this 300-page book trying to be creepy, and you guys go right to the jokes.

Okay, so I always do that myself.

Thanks for featuring me on your blog, Mimi. And thanks for working with Bonnie on the CFBA badge; I owe you a refreshing beverage.

audrey` said...

Thanks for the review, Marianne :)

M. C. Pearson said...

It really is a cool story...yeah, died 3 times...will it be more? Read to find out!

Wren, I'm sure Bonnie will be sending out the button soon. She is developing a new blog for the site, so I'll have to change the path in it as soon as she opens up the blog.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

Mimi great interview as usual.

Wren if you want the buttons now just copy and paste them to your computer from Mimi's or my site.

I'll be sending out an email on Friday!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Great review of a promising book, Mimi.

Wren said...

Thanks, Bonnie!

Oh, and Mimi, mine is up. :)

Jezreel said...

Hey Mimi! Thanks for the reminder! Mine got up late last night :)

Anonymous said...

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