Friday, April 11, 2008

What is Mimi up to???

Okay, it has been a long time since I've posted anything but blog tour stuff. Well, that is about to change.

To squelch any rumors, I have stepped down from being the Assistant Director of the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance (CFBA). Bonnie and I just have different visions for the blog tours. I am still a member, but will only post about the books that I have ordered and read. ***UPDATE: I am no longer a member of CFBA. They charge $500 per blog tour.***

I have expanded FIRST to three different alliances. The regular FIRST remains the same, but I have now started Non~FIRST (Non~Fiction in Rather Short Takes) and Teen FIRST. All the tours will remain free from charges. I am keeping this a ministry, not a business.

Non~FIRST will center on biographies, bible studies, Christian inspiration, spiritual warfare, and science (Christian views on scientific matters).

Teen FIRST is growing like wildfire. I have a lot of new bloggers and they are SO excited. We'll do a LOT more fantasy than FIRST, but will include other genres as well. The members have made some great requests and I have been able to secure many of the desired books.

God is good.

As for my writing, I will now have more time to focus on book two...I've been neglecting it for so long. Book one is at NavPress right pray that it will be accepted! I love the books that NavPress puts out, and would be thrilled if they became my publisher.

I also plan to start posting regular posts again. I hope to return to visiting all my blogging friends soon!


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Look forward to it!

Jaime said...

Sounds great!!

M. C. Pearson said...

Thanks guys! I look forward to getting back to being myself again. :-D

Amy B said...

Can't wait to get started with NON-FIrst! The book list is much more exciting to me then the FIRST book list. Thanks for all you do!

Amy B

McMom said...

Thanks for the update!

Dee S. said...

Hi, Mimi. Could you send me the code again. I lost all my widgets last night when I changed my blog layout. Thanks for reaching out. Excited about the teen offerings, too.