Saturday, April 22, 2006

Random Thoughts

Saija posted a fun meme and gave an open invite tag to anyone who wanted to post it. So, I've got nothing pressing to tell people...why not FIVE RANDOM THOUGHTS ABOUT ME?

1. I'm a strange duck...never do what others expect...don't fit into the cliche'. For example, I grew up a valley girl. You know, Californian, blonde hair, long nails, and says, "Oh my God!" way too much.

So, you'd expect me to be 'like' a complete flibbertojibbit with nothing in the noggin. Right? Well, I then became an artsy fartsy Art Major at San Jose State University. Now you'd expect me to be completely surreal, hippie, and snapping my fingers kind of person. Right?

But no, then I got married to my high school sweetheart. Now, you expect some serious person who is thinking about making a home and family. Right?

Wrong, then my husband and I joined the Army (well, he re-enlisted). Of course now you expect some butch take y'all down with an M16A1 rifle.

Right? No, I enlisted as a Graphics Documentation Specialist...artist for the Army. Okay, now you are thinking some snobby Graphic Artist who can hold a pencil as a weapon. Right? Naw, I was more of the Private Benjamin NCOIC (Sgt in charge) called me by my first name. So, now you are again thinking of the blonde valley girl turned soldier.

Well, sorta, but then I became a mom. But not the average mama. I got shipped off to Bosnia for a year while Dave played "Mr. Mom." So, are you thinking, callous fighting machine? No, I cried and cried.

Anyway, we later became houseparents. Aha, now you're thinking I'm selfless and patient. WRONG. My patience deteriorated quickly. Spent 4 years on the job.

Then I wrote a fantasy novel. Okay, she is just WEIRD! I'll give you that. But, I will hopefully be a weird published impatient fighting machine artsy-fartsy valley-Mom someday.

2. I love, adore, can't live without...BRUSSEL SPROUTS!

3. I like my feet.

4. I homeschool my kids...and always thought those kind of people were completely strange! Okay, so I'm right.

5. I think that Ho-ho's are the best dessert ever made.

I'd love to see some of you post this too but I won't tag anyone by name. Let me know if you will or have so I can come look ya over!


Saija said...

*chuckling* ... cool random, though joined together thoughts!


Bonnie Calhoun said...

Weeee!!!! I love brussel sprouts too!!!LOL...It musta' took you all day to put this together...LOL

The Curmudgeon's Rant said...

Sooooo, Bosnia... Is that near Yugoslavia?

Ciera said...

HoHo's are the best!!!

Dennie McDonald said...

MIMI - what a great meme...

You're not strange just well rounded! At least that's I tell people about myself - LOL - though I usually get a strange look for that!

Anonymous said...

you're personality really spells FUN! luv yah, girl! =)

Alydyn said...

Brussel Sprouts! EYK you are weird..: )

Ugh my mom LOVES these things, but thankfully (for me) no one else including my dad likes them in our family. Poor mom has to do without them or only get them when we are out so they don't touch anyone elses plate..: )

M. C. Pearson said...

Saija~ thought you'd like it. ;)

Bonnie~ With high speed cable, it only took about an hour. HONEST! :P

Curm~ somewhere along those lines. LOL

Ciera~ You're a woman after my own heart! But don't worry I won't tell anyone on the Enterprise *wink wink*

Dennie~ Unfortunately I'm very um, well-rounded...especially with Ho-ho's in the freezer. LOL

Pia~ Thanks! You're a bunch of fun too!!!

Alydyn~ I always say, "GOOD, more for me!" When my boys turn their noses up. Dave loves them too, though. We fight over the little buggers.

Rulan said...

HoHo's? I thought that was what father christmas said. Sounds like you've had a great deal of fun.

Ciera said...

Very funny!!

I just posted my random thoughts...

Nettie said...

I wouldn't say just like to change your mind!

M. C. Pearson said...

Rulan~ Oh is a MAJOR priority! :)

Ciera~ I shall go there directly!

Nettie~ Flibbertojibbit! A Pixie indeed at heart.