Monday, January 09, 2006

Attack of the Boogie-Rags

This is a picture of what I feel like right now. Granted, it is from 1999, when my Mom and Dad visited us over Christmas at Boystown, Nebraska. The next day I was diagnosed with pneumonia. I usually do not pose for pictures when I feel like...ahh...poop (the nice way of saying what I really feel like). But I was too slow to snatch the camera can see that I was attempting to ward off the lasting memory of my pale sickly look. Anyway, it is the only picture to describe how all the family feels right now. But I have gotten ahead of myself. Let me backtrack...

It all started with a single boogie-rag.

When my children use tissues they NEVER throw them away...I am the tissue picker-upper. You probably know what I mean. The mountain of snowy flakes all over the house, as it you've been struck by the tissue blizzard fairy? So, wise me, I created the term Boogie-Rag and gave one to my son. These 'Boogie-Rags' are cloth diapers. I never got into the whole 'use cloth diapers' thing because I'm just way too lazy and dainty (Ha!). I used store bought throw away and ruin the environment sort. But I had a huge stack of new cloth diapers that had been given to me by an environmentally conscience mother while I was pregnant. So, I put them to use. Thus, the Boogie-Rag was born. This was when Keegan was about three years old and the blizzard tissue fairy started striking the house.

A few days ago, Evan got a runny nose. Out comes Mr. Boogie-Rag. But somehow, my lovely four year old kept misplacing Mr. Boogie-Rag. So, Mrs. Boogie-Rag joined the fun. Mrs. Boogie-Rag turns up Missing in, Boogie-Rag Jr. joins the battle. Suddenly, ten more Boogie-Rags invade. Now, instead of being surrounded on all sides by tissue droppings, I am being attacked by Boogie-Rags. With all the lovelies that have been deposited into the Boogie-Rags, germs have multiplied and all of us need our own Boogie-Rags.

There are no more Boogie-Rags in the linen I have adopted hand towels into the equation. I guess it is time to round up the Boogie-Rag mess and give them all a chlorine bath. But first I need to blow my nose...dang! Where's my Boogie-Rag???

Side note: I've finished my proposal and it will be in the mail tomorrow! I should spray it with Lysol first though. Don't you think?


Jennifer said...

Oh, Mimi! You poor thing. I can tell you felt just awful in that picture. Oh yeah, I was an environmentally concious mama and bought all cloth diapers. My daughter filled one, and that was it. Screw the environment! Give me Pampers!!!!

Jennifer said...

Oh yeah - definitely spray the proposal with Lysol.

Pirate said...

when the cold is town the noses will run.

Trinity13 said...

When my hubby is sick, I find all kinds of tissue snot rags all over the place! Not cool!!!

Bonnie Calhoun said...

Put down the Lysol and STEP away from the manuscript!!!

The ink will run, it will look like a skunk sprayed the paper and it might shrink!!!LOL

The idea is to get rid of the cold! Give it away as a last resort! don't forget that stamps went up to 39 cents!

M. G. Tarquini said...

You should get a medal or something for posting that pic of yourself. Or is this part of a secret plan, there's no where to go but up?

Dennie McDonald said...

Mimi! My oldest is a top-bunk kid - when I go to change the sheets - I take a bucket to collect his tissue pile - ew! (I'm short I cannot see his bed unless I stand on the other one's bunk - so I *never* know what I might find!)

Kimber said...

Okay, another 'weird' thing to have in husband and kids think I am the tissue picker-upper...I hate those days when the tissue blizzard fairy visits every room in our house...ewwwww...and if my husband has a really really bad cold - he resorts to using our towels - which is even grosser!

Hope you all start to feeling better!!

Yea!!! On the proposal -Go Mimi Go!!!

Ciera said...

Its sucks to feel sick. blech. Hope you get feeling better soon!

Running2Ks said...

I hope you feel better. And as for the lysol--depends. Do you want them to read it in a weakened condition?

Get well vibes!

cube said...

Oh, that shounds like the boogie-rags shuffle. I know it well myself...except we call them snot-rags ;-)

Hope you feel better soon.

julie said...

When you're out with your honey and your nose is kinda runny, you might think it's kinda funny - but it's SNOT!
Congrats on getting the proposal ready!!!!!

FTS said...

Is this the 2006 version of the Do-Rag? ;)

Thanks for stopping by!

Jen said...

Oh, you poor thing!

Nah, don't spray it with Lysol. The more bacteria and viruses we fight off now, the stronger our systems will be when "the big one" hits. So, you're really doing them a favor ;-)

Best of luck with it!

Fred said...

Make it a double shot of Lysol.

M. C. Pearson said...

Jennifer~ Funny how our ideals can be smeared away with that lovely yellow poop! LOL

Pirate~ I wish mine would run away and leave my face! UG!

trinity13~ that tissue fairy sure gets around.

Bonnie~ Dave mailed it all...I have him to blame if the stamp is wrong. Ha ha...he bought one at the post office for the SASE inside. No worries!

m.g.~ unfortunately, I feel even worse and look worse today! Gack!

dennie~ I understand about that bunk bed thing. I find way too much stuff that I wish I hadn't up there.

Kimber~ I just might have to add that fairy to my book. She'll have to be a bad fairy...loving to torment mothers everywhere with the fateful tissue factor.

Ceira~ Ug. Yep. Hack. Gack.

Running2ks~ Oh, give me the vibes...yes...I really need them!

Cube~ Yeah, sometimes Mr. Boogie-Rag is called Snotty. Beam me up, Snottie!

Julie~ you made me laugh which made me cough which made me need another boogie-rag! Your fault!

fts~ always a pleasure!

Jen~ I think nothing can be worse at this moment. Ug. But why not share the joy? Mmmwahahaha

Fred~ and a round of alka-seltzer cold plus while your at it!

Darlene said...

That is too cute.

Good luck with the proposal!

DozeyMagz said...

Ahh - when good ideas go bad...!
Hope you're all feeling better soon!