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The Qur'an Dilemma English (The Qur'an Dilemma English, Volume 1)

When the book, The Qur'an Dilemma English (The Qur'an Dilemma English, Volume 1), came in the mail, I was immediately impressed by the cover and the workmanship involved in its making. Gorgeous, with full color! My husband and son grabbed it up and fought for dibs on who was to read it first. They are still going at it. I believe there are to be 3 volumes in this collection. We will have to buy the others. Very informative, this is written by former Muslims.

Here's what the PR Specialist told me when she sent out the query for a blog tour:

We know that the Muslim population is growing in the U.S. And we know that Jesus can save a Muslim as easily as He can save anyone who comes to Him. And we know that we have as much responsibility as Christians to reach Muslims with the saving Truth of the Gospel as we do anyone else walking this earth.
But what do Muslims believe? How can we know--really know--that what we are told about Islam is true? How can we even begin a conversation with someone whose way of life and religion we know nothing of...and may even be fearful of?
For the first time in history, we can know exactly what The Quran says. A group of former Muslims who became Christians several years ago decided to take on an enormous task: go through the Quran, sura by sura (sura is akin to chapter) and share it in Arabic and English. The result is Volume I of The Quran Dilemma.
Unlike Christianity, Islam doesn't encourage its believers to own a copy of the Quran and read it for themselves. They are dependent on the imam (something like the local preacher, in Christianity) to read from the Quran and interpret it.
But now it is accessible. You can read it for yourself, along with articles about what Islam says regarding certain topics, whether that verse's directive was later changed when Mohammed claimed to get a new revelation, and more.
And you can know that you are reading something created by people who love Jesus for who He says He was and is.
These books are hard cover, full color. We have a limited supply. If you'd like to join the tour and review a copy of The Quran Dilemma, please reply quickly and we'll get you on the list.  

"This book has the potential of destroying the concept that the Quran is perfect. But it says it in a scholarly fashion that strangely is not offensive."
GEORGE HOUSSNEY, Founder and Director, 
Horizons International, Boulder, CO

"I consider this book to be a clear reference that would help me as a minister in dialoguing with my Muslim brothers. Every Christian minister interested in communicating the gospel message to a Muslim brother needs a copy of this book."
SAMUEL FAWZI, Elder, Kasr El Dobarah Evangelical Church, 
Healing Channel Television Host, Cairo, Egypt 

Book Description:

The Qur'an is the very foundation of Islam. It is the source of all laws and practices, religious or otherwise, in Islamic countries and societies. The Qur'an itself is divided into 114 chapters, or suras, of different lengths. This first volume of the The Qur'an Dilemma investigates the first nine of these suras. Each sura contains the text of the Qur'an complemented with these well-annotated elements: * Introduction, outlining the major subjects * Critical analysis of key verses, focusing on their historical accounts, scientific information, logic, and literary structure. * Variant readings of certain verses, highlighting how the Arabic text has been read by others in ways that differ from the current common readings. Emphasis is given to the variation in the text itself, especially by those who do not agree with the codification made by 'Uthman's committee * Abrogated verses with analytical comments, explaining how the authority and understanding of such verses are impacted by other verses. (Abrogation is a phenomenon peculiar to the Qur'an, in which hundreds of verses have been annulled or replaced by other verses.....

Product Details:
Price: $39.95
Publisher: Water Life Publishing (2011)
ISBN-10: 1935577034
ISBN-13: 978-1935577034

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