Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bacon Sandwiches & Salvation by Adrian Plass

What I Thought:

I wanted this book a while ago. We were supposed to tour it on Non~FIRST when it was still going, but something happened to the publication date. Anyway, I have it now! And it is HYSTERICAL. This may sound a bit gross, but it is the perfect book to put beside the toilet. It is one of those books that you don't read in one sitting. It is meant to be read a little at a time. My 14 year old son snatched it from me and has hogged it ever since. His favorite part was the definition 'Damnation: (1) condemnation to eternal punishment; (2) Holland.'

Bacon Sandwiches & Salvation
Adrian Plass’ new book is a hilarious A to Z guide to all things Christian

With the comfortable knowledge of a church insider and the leery insight of a seeker, Plass shines a sometimes sarcastic, often times profound, and all the time witty light on the Christian experience. With thoughts on everything from the afterlife (“a place where God will chew a straw and fill us in on how things really are.”) to Zacchaeus (“… [he] looked like Danny DeVito in a dish towel”), Bacon Sandwiches & Salvation is a raucous glossary of biblical characters, church catch phrases and pop-Christian personalities.

The inspiration for Bacon Sandwiches & Salvation came from a situation Plass shared with a dear friend in church one day. When asked what the most important thing in the world was, both Plass and his friend responded very differently. “Salvation!” cried Plass. “Bacon sandwiches!” suggested his friend. Writes Plass, “That just about sums it up. A God who can create the indescribable tastiness of a bacon sandwich must be planning something pretty incredible in the salvation line.” Somewhere within the pages of this quirky little guide one begins to find just such a God.

Adrian Plass is a writer and speaker who has produced over thirty books in the last twenty years. The best known of these is probably The Sacred Diary of Adrian Plass, a gentle satire on the modern church, which has sold hundreds of thousands of copies worldwide. Other books include a biography, novels, short stories, a fictionalized account of the author's experiences as a residential childcare worker, and collections of poems and sketches. Adrian lives with his wife and daughter in a small market town near the Sussex South Downs, England.

Adrian has been in demand as a speaker in venues as varied as prisons, schools, churches, festivals, literary dinners and theatrical settings. His work also includes contribution to national and local radio and television. Live presentations combine humor, poetry, and story telling, largely revolving around his own inadequacies and struggles as a Christian and a human being.
In recent years his wife, Bridget, has joined Adrian in presenting a more varied and dramatic style of performance. Adrian and Bridget met at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School and have found particular satisfaction in being allowed to “do a bit of acting.” They have also been privileged to work alongside World Vision on several occasions, visiting Bangladesh and Zambia, writing two books and touring both in the UK and abroad with the aim of encouraging people to take up child sponsorship.

Adrian's latest books include Jesus Safe, Tender and Extreme, Blind Spots in the Bible, and most recently, Bacon Sandwiches & Salvation, published by Authentic Media. He and Bridget have also collaborated with friends in Canada to produce a CD of his favorite sketches from the last 20 years called “Preaching to the Converted.”

Bacon Sandwiches & Salvation
by Adrian Plass
Authentic Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-934068-76-2/251 pages/softcover/$16.99

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