Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Okay, so I haven't posted for a few days and here's kids are involved in a CAST (Creative Arts Shoestring Theatre) drama group that just had its play. What fun! They did a 15 minute Hamlet, followed by a 1 minute Hamlet, and then an entire play of Mmmbeth. I say Mmmbeth, because it was a funny depiction of Macbeth where the actors weren't allowed to say 'Macbeth'; they had to say 'Mmmbeth'.

Keegan (13) starred as Mmmbeth and Evan (7) was Soldier 1 and Murderer 2 in Mmmbeth. And Keegan was the ghost of Hamlet's father and the gravedigger in the Hamlet production. Evan was a guard. They both did EXCELLENT jobs. Great diction...and HILARIOUS acting.

Here are some pictures of the play...

This is Dave, my husband, and my mom as they sat awaiting the play.

Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and caldron bubble....what's Macbeth without three spoooky witches?

Evan was such a cute guard! 'Tis here...'Tis there...'Tis gone!

Keegan as Mmmbeth being talked into murdering the Queen of Scotland by his wife, Lady Mmmbeth as the spoookie witches look on.

Evan as soldier 1...the hats that the soldiers had on were so funny. Evan asks soldier 2, "What are you wearing?" Soldier 2 replies, "Me? What are YOU wearing?" Evan replies, "At least I'm closer to the time period than you are!" (Evan has a funny armored helmet on while Soldier 2 has on a Civil War cap.) LOL.

They've done it! Mmmbeth has murdered the queen and her guards. Lady Mmmbeth places the crown onto Mmmbeth's head!

Mmmbeth visits the witches to see what his future holds. He decides to kill his friend, Banquo (spelling?) to make sure he won't get in the way of the crown. He also has McDuff's family killed...and wants to kill McDuff soon.

They have a party to celebrate Mmmbeth's coornation...

But Mmmbeth sees Banquo's ghost! Everyone thinks he is mad!

Evan as Murder 2 goes with Murderer 1 to kill McDuff's family using frying pans.

Evan looks way too cute to be a murderer. This is the 'I'm proud to be a murderer' look.

Turns out that McDuff is allergic to duels, so they put in a stunt McDuff. They have a dueling pillow fight. Alas, poor Mmmbeth is killed.

We had a wonderful time. Last spring, Keegan was Bottom in Midummer's Night Dream in CAST . Both Keegan and Evan plan to be in Robin Hood this coming spring. Ahh, the life of a homeschooler!


cathikin said...

Too cute! Keep it up, guys!

Kay said...

That looks fun!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Good for them! Well done.

Allison Williams said...

I'm so glad you had a good time! I love hearing that people enjoyed doing Mmmbeth (I'm the author) :)