Thursday, November 06, 2008

7 Random Facts Tag: Book Edition

Karla tagged me from "Another Road to Ramble" the other day. This is a twist from the 7 Random Facts MeMe that has been going around. This is the 7 random book-related facts about me.

1. I hated to read until I read The Once and Future King by T. H. White for a high school English class. I fell in love. I had no idea about the fantasy genre until that year.

2. Confession: I have never read the Narnia books or Tolkien. I have started both series but could never get past the first half of the first books.

3. My first Christian fiction book that I read was Dream Thief by Stephen Lawhead . I'm so glad it was science fiction...I probably wouldn't have read any more Christian fiction if it wasn't for him!

4. I'd rather eat anchovies than read a western historical romance.

5. Harry Potter is one of the best books I've ever read.

6. I give more books to the library than to friends.

7. I am publishing my teen fantasy book in August of 2009!

I'm going to tag 7 people, most have book blogs, so they can continue the book theme if they want. I choose:

Mimi B. "bigguysmama"
Kim Clay
Christy McGraw
Deena Peterson
Peg Phifer
Kim's Window To My World
Captain Picard's Journal


Kim said...

Hey Mimi! I'm working on this to post for Saturday. Thanks for tagging me to play!


Peggy Blann Phifer said...

Yikes! Tagged again. ::sigh::
I'll be working on this to put up tomorrow.
My favorite supject, btw . . . books! (grin)

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Ok, Mimi, my answers are posted.

crittyjoy said...

My most favorite meme ever...involving books :o)

My post is up...and what fun it was :o)

Hope you are having a fabulous weekend Mimi!

bigguysmama said...

Hideho, I finally posted after working on it for 2 days. We have a stupidly slow computer!! UGH

~MJB...hey, like the coffee (Mimi)

wovenbywords dot blogspot dot com

BookRyder said...

Please pray for me.


BookRyder said...

Ah, yes, I see. Hmm, the book tagging sounds interesting. Maybe I could use that...

We are family. Got all my brothers and sisters with me...

I never claimed to be sane. =P

Thanks for commenting. I feel better about it now.

We shall see what happens.

Deena said...

I'm posted. No link to leave, but it's at the top of the blog as of 11/9/08 at 3:41 PM Pacific Time:-)

After that, you're just going to have to HUNT for it!!

Cloud 9 said...

I posted my seven things. I was in a tagging mood so I tagged 11 people. hee hee
Thanks for the tag.