Saturday, June 14, 2008

Welcome: GIDGET!

I've news...we have a new family member. Our neighbor, Lisa *waves at Lisa*, rescues animals. Out here in the wilds of North Carolina, many animals are abandoned off the side of the road.

Well, yesterday Lisa called me up saying that she found a skinny little dog that was scrounging around a parking lot looking for food. She went around the neighborhood close by the parking lot and asked if anyone recognized the dog. No one did.

Turns out she is a Shih Tzu...and has the coloring of our other sweetie, Deojie. We took her in and gave her a bath.

She had a few fleas and is very skinny, but otherwise seems to be doing quite well.

We came up with the name, Gidget because we recently watched the movie. (She kind of looks like Sandra Dee, the actress who played Gidget...and Gidget means 'girl midget'.) She is 'pint sized' as the Gidget song says...and Deojie loves her.

We all are already completely in love with her. Awww. (Even if she still needs to be potty-trained.)

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