Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Last night my kids came in from playing outside and said that our neighbors were burning some leaves next door. I thought nothing of it. (We live on a huge farm with our neighbors/best friends and their parents...three different houses.)

About 15 minutes later I get a phone call from my friend saying that a fire was spotted in their field and to check it out because she wasn't home. The fire department had already been called. I asked if they had been burning leaves, and she said, "No way. There's a fire ban right now!"

Uh oh. I took the phone with me to my front porch. "Oh my God!" I never say that in a bad way. It was a real plea to Jesus! All I saw was flames. She said, "Okay, GO!" and hung up.

Now, the flames were across the field but coming our way. I ran out and started spraying as far down the field as I I heard the fire engines coming.

It wasn't as bad as it looked and the fire was taken care of in about 45 mins. They had to chop down a tree and douse it with water. It was really dark out, and from my house, it looked like my neighbor's lower part of their house was on fire. But it wasn't.

Praise God! No one was hurt...not even property...except part of the field. It didn't even reach the horse fence. Of all nights that this could've happened, last night was the best. No wind and very cold. If it happened the day before or even today, their house and ours would probably be gone.


Deena said...


Praise God no one was hurt and no great losses:-)

Corry said...

God really was blessing y'all in this.

How are you Mimi, long time no see and I apologise for not having been around to comment much, but I have been keeping up with your blog. :-)

God's Grace.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

Egads....make sure you have enough fire extinguishers...and the next time the kids say someone is burning leaves....RUN!!!!!!!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

It's a relief no one was hurt. Your camera was there to tell the tale.

Jaime said...

Quite an adventure there! So glad you're okay!!