Friday, August 24, 2007

Holey me...literally

I had just a lovely day yesterday *dripping with sarcasm*.

I was eating a soft french-fry and felt something hard, so I spit it discretely out...I was thinking, "Looks like a rat tooth."


Then I felt something REALLY sharp at the back of my mouth. Something was poking out between my teeth...upon further scrutiny, I realized it wasn't between my teeth at all.

It WAS my tooth.

The rat tooth was actually a corner of my own tooth.

My right lower back molar broke apart! Ug! So here I am with a HOLE in my tooth. LOVELY. LOVELY. LOVELY.

Obviously I haven't been to the dentist in forever. I don't even know any dentists in I called up for an appointment and they couldn't see me until WEDNESDAY.


Hole. in. my. TOOTH!

Then Dave calls up and tells me that the dentist I made an appointment with isn't covered by our insurance, so I have to call and cancel. This is even lovelier since I hate talking to strangers on the phone.

So, I call up the closest 'approved' dentist who is 2 hours drive away and they aren't taking new patients. Dave then gets a list for me to call for other 'approved' dentists...and it is now after hours for everyone.

SO, Dave will be calling around for me on Monday while I clean for Keegan's 12th b-day party which we are having early because he wanted to go to the Hickory Crawdad's baseball game. (Pictures are from his 11th b-day party at the Crawdad's game. He's the one with the striped Crawdad's shirt. His brother, Evan, has the red shirt, and Daddy, Dave, is in the background also with a red shirt.) The party will start at our house for cake and ice-cream then we'll carpool to Hickory.

I still have a hole in my mouth...which is getting larger, another bit of it came out during lunch today. So gross. At least it doesn't hurt or I'd be hurting someone right now. BUT, it is still so sharp that I have to wear a sports mouthpiece so I won't chew through my tongue or puncture my other teeth. We're thinking a three hour drive is going to be the closest.

So, I'm asking for prayer for my holey self. I doubt if I'll be eating ice-cream with Keegan's cake. I'll pass on the pop-corn during the game too.

P.S. Still need prayer about AMG, too!


Bonnie Calhoun said...

Oh, you poor are really holey!!!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

It is SO hard to get a dentist in a hurry nowadays.

Jaime said...

Oh, Mimi! How awful!!

At least (small comfort, I'm sure) it doesn't hurt. Keep us updated.

McMom said...

I so hope you get that fixed soon and that you don't have much pain!!