Sunday, January 14, 2007


Okay, Jaimie asked for an update on my life...

I'm feeling a lot better. Only using my inhaler about once a week! Wahoo! I still have to sleep in a semi-sitting position so my lungs don't start filling up again. Other than that, I'm good to go.

A large Christian publisher has asked to see part one of my book...about 150 pages. I had to do a major proposal for them too. It was 20 pages just for the proposal! But, it looks great and very professional if I do say so myself. ;-) I sent it last week, so it will probably be a while before I hear anything.

I've been reading a certain book which has a fun story but I am very surprised with some errors that I've come across. The publisher is Steeple Hill so I am incredibly shocked. The mistakes have to do with the use of 'I' and 'me'. Here's an example:
As August eased into Autumn, the vise of tension between my son and I tightenend more and more.
I just don't understand how a person who has written five books can keep making this mistake. It is throughout the entire book! Okay, some people have a hard time with the me and I concept but the editors should have at least picked up on it; don't you think? To me, it is sooooo simple. Just subtract the 'my son' part and say the sentence. Which works better? Me or I?

For example:
Jane and I want ice cream...vs...Jane and me want ice cream. Would you say, I want ice cream...or...Me want ice cream?
The ice cream is for Jane and me...vs...The ice cream is for Jane and I. Would you say, The ice cream is for me...or...The ice cream is for I?
So, now you know. I have a hangup about grammar. My spelling is horrid but my grammar is usually great. I won't tell you the author because I really like the author's work...the author just needs a better editor and a grammar refresher!

I'm about half-way done with painting the kitchen. It had flower wallpaper which was pretty but too busy for my taste. I'm painting it light green and very light yellow. It is looking really nice.

The boys are doing great in homeschool. Their grandparents (Dave's mom and dad) bought us a keyboard for Christmas and the kids are loving learning on it. I'm brushing up on my skills so I can teach them until they surpass me.

Thanks for reading...pray for me and my book proposal! God Bless!


Bonnie Calhoun said...

The kitchen is looking good...LOL...although I'm not a green person!

Have fun on the keyboard. I just gave mine away to a young kid from church. He's learning to play and I hadn't played it in two years!

Buffy said...

I don't know when I became frighteningtly aware of the me/I problem.

I'm sure I use to be guilty of it myself...but that was before Strunk and White.

Now it annoys me to no end.

Anonymous said...

Hmm. I'm going to have to watch that "me and I" stuff. (Ha!)

Actually, if I find any grammar error in a book it annoys me--and my grammar is just okay. I was surprised to find quite a few in an Avalon book I was reading.

Anonymous said...

That's just shameful for a publisher not to catch those errors. I mean, come on. That's pretty basic.

But, YAY! update! And HUGE congrats on your book proposal!! Keep us updated!

And are you still fighting pneumonia??? Oh, Mimi! I'm so sorry!

Anonymous said...

glad to know that you're a lot better now. i hope to hear some good news soon about the book proposal you submitted. blessings to you, mimi! =)

Anonymous said...

Its a pet peeve of mine too!

However I try to cut a lot of slack since nothing is sillier than correcting another's grammar with poor grammer of one's own! Having been guilty of it a couple of times, I now try to just let it ride. But every once in a while I shout out something like "there is no "G" in the word "luxurious", or some similar pointless ejaculation.

Hope you are feeling better.

nettie said...

there's a sign in my neigborhood that says "please drive slow" drives me crazy...