Thursday, December 07, 2006

What I've been up to...

So, I haven't been blogging except posting about books. Well, the main reason is our internet. It is so S-L-O-W! Today I have a great connection though. It's at 46.6 kbps! Wahoo! I thought I might catch y'all up on my doings. Yikes, I'm really sounding Southern...guess the last 7 years here are making their presence known.

I've been sick. I mean SICK. It started with allergies in October but never went away. Instead, it went into my chest and remained there. It is still there. I have pneumonia and cannot rid myself of it. I've had two bouts of anti-biotics. After each round, I feel a bit better...but then come down with a stupid cold. Right now I'm in the stupid cold time. I only have stuff in my lungs when I wake up in the morning. Needless to say, I'm exaughsted.

I've been homeschooling. The kids are doing AWESOME. But it leaves me with hardly any time to myself. (Dave has the kids out doing errands with him right now and I am making use of that time!) Here is a picture of Keegan slaying our neighbor on their way to Medievil Day at the Library.

This other picture is of the kids playing in our neighbor's yard. LOL. What fun! Keegan had a broken arm at the time but he got the cast of in November.

Our neighbors got two ponies! We haven't spent much time over there because of me being so sick, but we plan to play with them when I get better.

I've been teaching a Writing Club for kids. We meet every Tuesday and are going through the book: Learn to Write the Novel Way by Carole Thaxton, M.S. (Co-author of KONOS Curriculum). It is getting me back into the writing frame of mind and reminds me of why I'm attempting this whole writing for Young Adults thing. Most of the kids have read my book and have been so encouraging about getting me to try and get it published. I'm working on the sequel as I teach them. So, we are all writing novels in the class!

I'm still unpacking. It is getting better but we still have boxes in every room of the house. The stacks are getting smaller though. (Here's a picture of me when I was packing them up.) I've also been painting. Just finished the living room and now I'm starting the kitchen.

I heard from the agent that I met in Philadelphia and he turned my book down. He did give me two leads and another author has given me another two, I'm not without ideas. I have come to accept that it may never be published but I'll keep trying. I just want to center on writing now...and as a side send in query letters. I'm happy.

I will still try to visit all you blogger friends all depends on the internet and free time. But I think about you often! God Bless!


McMom said...

It was great to read your update. I haven't been blogging much either, but I did post something the other day. The ponies look adorable!

I will pray you are feeling healthy soon!!

Fred said...

Thanks for the update, MC. It's nice to see the pictures.

Get better soon. And, that book will be published!

Ballpoint Wren said...

Mimi, you take care of yourself. I think you need a nasal irrigator. It looks like a water pik but it cleans out your sinus cavity instead of your teeth--I know that sounds gross, but it helped me with chronic sinus infections.

Also: vitamin c and bioflavenoids, and lots and lots of water, every day.

Ciera said...

hope you pray for me when you think of me! :D missing you :)

Anonymous said...

oh, mimi... (((HUGS))) i hope you're feeling a lot better now. i'll be praying for you.

as they say and i do too, keep on trying. someday, it will be published. =)

Anonymous said...

Don't give up on your book, Mimi! It's really good! I'm sorry the agent didn't want it. I know that's disappointing, especially when he seemed so interested in it.

I'm so sorry you're sick! I've had asthmatic bronchitis on more than one occasion (brought on by allergies once as well), and I know how awful lung illnesses can be!

Update us when you can!

from Jaime, who is too annoyed with blogger beta to go through their stupid sign-in procedure when she's *already* signed in!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Happy Christmas, Mimi.

Fred said...

Have a very Merry Christmas, MC.

Kimber said...

Merry Christmas Mimi!

Saija said...

Merry Christmas to you ... and a healthier new year to come!

Anonymous said...

Mimi, I hope that you are feeling better now and that your family had a very Merry Christmas. I pray your New Year will be a very blessed full of His blessings, love, strength and peace!

jel said...

are you feeling any better?

you sound like you are very busy!

take care!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mimi,

Great to read your update! I hope you are feeling better! I think your book will be published one day. There are so many famous authors that say they were rejected many times (and then they smile and say 'and now they are kicking themselves-heh, heh).

Glad to hear you are doing well!
Your BIF,